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Welcome to Thomasriver

Below you will find a list of Websites linked to Thomasriver, please feel free to have a look at them, I am sure you will find them interesting....


Thomasriver Aviaries

Thomasriver Aviaries is a closed collection of parrots, ranging from Budgies to Macaws, my parrots are not open to the public, we do have surplus birds or babies for sale from time to time.....

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Thomasriver Orchids

Thomasriver Orchids is a website dedicated to Orchids.....

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Clivia Base

Clivia Base is a database management program for Clivias, where you can keep track of all your plants, seeds and seedlings, and all for only R100.....

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The Clivia Forum

The Clivia Forum is a discussion forum for Clivia Enthusiasts from all over the world, come and join in our discussions. It is a great place to buy and sell Clivia seeds, seedlings plants and offsets, and some lively auctions for those special items

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The Orchid Forum

The Orchid Forum is mainly a South African discussion forum, about growing Orchids in South Africa....

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The Parrot Forum

The Parrot Forum is a discussion forum for all parrot lovers and breeders.....

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The Cycad Forum

The Cycad Forum is a discussion forum, for everyone around the world, who has any interest in Cycads and related plants.....

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